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Welcome to the Reliability Trials Club Brisbane Inc. (RTCB) We hope you have a long and enjoyable association with a club that is well recognised throughout the motorcycle industry for its professionalism and team work. The club prides itself on fun, friendship and families.

Joining the RTCB club has a great deal of benefits. The greatest of which is that you come into contact with a lot of people with the same interest as you. Make the most of it and be an active member.

Below are some general club information and an outline of the clubs policies and procedures put in place to keep it fair and enjoyable for all members.


Meetings are held at our club rooms at 1376 Old Cleveland Rd, CARINDALE (Veteran Car Club, Australia Clubhouse).

General meetings are held at 7pm on the second Tuesday of each month. Light snacks/dinner is provided from 6:30pm. Drinks can be purchased from the honesty system provided in the club kitchen.

We encourage our members to attend these meetings as this is where we discuss the club events. We would be grateful for any input that you may have to our club, this can be done via our Suggestion Form which is available at any meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact an Executive Member if you have any questions.


Memberships are to be renewed annually from January of each year regardless of when you joined. Memberships will be accepted on the weekend of a Public Ride.

Memberships will not be accepted at fun weekends, by post or at the general meetings.
Email is the clubs main form of communication, please ensure your email address is kept up to date with the membership officer to ensure you receive club emails.

Club membership is as follows:

ADULT = 18 years old and over
JUNIOR = 17 years old and under

Club Social Events such as the Christmas weekend, training days, club sponsored rides and other nominated events are sponsored by the club. Members who have helped out at 3 or more public events out of the last 6, will be invited to attend these events.

A deposit may be required for these events which may be refunded after you attend. Some events, due to cost may only be partially sponsored. All other members are welcome to attend these events at their own cost, depending on availability and ability to manage the event with the provider. No refunds will be given if you cannot attend.

Pubic Trail Rides

Public trail rides are the source of the clubs income and provide the general public with a legal place to ride. This is a working weekend that you / family / friends can contribute, so we can all enjoy fun weekends and sponsored events. Although it’s a working weekend, we are sure you will have fun and enjoy the comradeship of other members.

Members are encouraged to camp at the Public Trail ride location on Friday evening to assist in setup on Saturday morning. Confirmation will be given at the club meeting for Friday arrival time or by club phone, as an Executive member must be present.

Generally the set up begins at 8am on the Saturday, all members are asked to give a hand, whether it be putting up bunting, the club tarp, signs or marking trails there is always plenty to do.

Non-members are not permitted to public rides on Friday or Saturday unless renewing their memberships on the day.

All members arriving on Sunday will have to sign-in and pay the entry fee. Refunds will not be given.

All members who have signed in on Saturday are required to fill the jobs board for jobs to be performed during Sunday’s event. Ask event manager or sub manager for appropriate set up tasks that need completing. All members will be rostered to help out with cash collection, trail duties or pack up duties. Juniors are also encouraged to help with setting up and packing up the start and finish gates and other small jobs that are age appropriate.

Once all setup tasks (including the job board being filled) are complete, members are invited to ride on the marked trails on Saturday after the trails are opened by the Event Manager.

Yellow vests are to be worn for your allocated shifts only and are to be fully visible at all times (worn over the top of your camelpack) and returned to the club trailer when your shift is finished.

Juniors and gate cash collectors are to wear orange safety vests.

A meeting will be held on Saturday evening at 5:30 or as advised by the Event Co-ordinator to discuss issues relating to club members and/or event issues.

The club provides a BBQ on Saturday night for all club members, just bring your own bread, salad, plate etc.

No free riding on public trail ride weekends. Everyone must ride only on the marked trails.

Helmets and enclosed shoes and a yellow vest must be worn while operating the club quad on Sundays at a public ride.

Fun Rides

Fun Weekend Rides are provided as a thank you to active members for their hard work at the public trail ride events and start on Saturday 8am. The club generally provides one fun weekend for each public ride event (subject to the club’s financial situation) Everyone attending must already be a financial member.

Members are required to cater for themselves on these weekends ie bring your own food and drink. Fun weekends are announced only at the general meeting closest to the event.

The club does not arrow or manage trails at fun weekends.
Members are to ride at any Fun Weekend as if they were riding at any state forest, Glendon, The Farm, Etc

Riders should always ride carefully and always expect oncoming traffic. No riding on any property driveways. Riders are to be back at camp by 4pm and on the Sunday by 2:30pm.

General Club Rules

  • Helmets and enclosed shoes are to be worn at all times while riding your bikes.
  • NO ANIMALS are allowed at any event.
  • As a member you are required to sign in to all events upon entry. At meetings the sign in sheet will be on the front desk. Juniors must be signed in by an adult
  • BEFORE you unpack or set up your belongings at any Public or Fun Event, members must sign in. The sign in area will be marked with a sign (Usually at a club member’s camp or at the club tarp) Please look for the sign when arriving.
  • When signing in at a Public ride, members must nominate themselves for jobs to be performed on the Sunday Public event. The jobs board will be with the sign in sheets at a club members camp or at the club tarp.
  • Campfires are only permitted in fire pits or drums off the ground. No inground camp fires, except for the main camp fire are permitted and are only allowed when executive committee members permit and must be fully extinguished before the last person leaves the campfire.
  • No motorbikes are to be started or ridden between 5pm and 8am except on official club business.
  • There is to be no music after 10pm each night. Conversation and laughter around the campsite is not considered to be covered by the curfew.
  • If you open a gate, you must shut it immediately that you are through it! Do not leave it for the next rider, as they would see it then as an “open” gate and not shut it.
  • As per law, alcohol is not to be consumed by any person under the age of 18 years of age at any club event. Alcohol consumption is to be kept to a “family friendly” environment. Please take responsibility for your alcohol levels and to ensure that we do not abuse this privilege.
  • Riders and volunteers must not ride or perform duties in any event whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol (as defined in the Qld road rules).
  • All rubbish is to be taken with you! Do not leave any rubbish at the club tarp.
  • Please ensure all bikes have been cleaned prior to property entry to restrict the spread of biohazards and weeds.

Code Of Conduct

The RTCB is a not-for-profit organisation and was formed for the purpose of fostering and supporting off-road motor-cycling. The club supports any other club, having objectives and activities similar to RTCB Inc.

All members of the club will be bound by this code of conduct and any member not behaving in accordance with the terms of this code of conduct at any fun or trail ride event, may be asked to leave the event and will not be entitled to a refund.

The Executive committee will endeavour to listen to all grievances and make decisions accordingly. Any inappropriate behaviour of any member will be investigated, discussed and a decision will be made at the discretion of the Executive committee.

Remember we are all members of our club because we all have a common interest in motorbikes and riding motorbikes. We need to be mindful that we are a diverse group of people and we need to celebrate differences not condemn them. Always ensure to exercise tolerance, respect, compassion and patience at all times.

Members have a right:

  • To be treated with tolerance, respect, equality and fairness by the club, it’s committee and other members.
  • To be free of all forms of harassment and discrimination.
  • To privacy and confidentiality concerning documentation and other communications containing member’s information or any communications members would like to discuss.
  • To be informed and actively involved in club events
  • To express or raise concern to executive committee members

Members should:

  • Treat other members, guests or the general public with tolerance, respect, courtesy and fairness at all times.
  • Behave responsibly and ensure they conduct themselves in a responsible, respectful manner.
  • Not physically or verbally harass others.
  • Report all inappropriate behaviour to executive committee members
  • Abide by and uphold the code of conduct Consume alcohol responsibility